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Welcome to Brentwood Parents As Teachers. We're glad you're here! As a parent, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. Our staff is pleased to have the privilege of sharing in this exciting and important time with you and your child.

Brentwood Parents As Teachers program includes the following services:

PERSONAL VISITS:  Personal visits provide parents the opportunity to discuss specific questions about their child’s development with one of our certified Parent Educators. On your visit, your Parent Educator will provide an activity for everyone to enjoy as well as handouts and information on what to look for and expect as your child grows and develops.  Visits will take place in your home, at Brentwood Early Childhood Center, or virtually via computer or phone.

GROUP CONNECTIONS:  Group Connections are an opportunity to connect parents to experts and other parents to gain new insights into their child’s development and behavior through parent/child activities and guest speakers.  Group Connections not only provide a chance to learn more about topics of common parenting interest and concerns, but also provide a time to interact with and share experiences with other PAT families

SCREENINGS:  Screenings are opportunities for your Parent Educator to assess your child's health, hearing, vision and development.  Screenings provide you with information on how your child is meeting developmental milestones and ways to encourage developing skills.  Screenings can also identify potential developmental delays. If your child is not meeting their developmental milestones or has health, hearing or vision concerns, your Parent Educator can connect you to valuable intervention resources.

RESOURCE NETWORK:  Your Parent Educator will connect your family to resources in the community based on the interests and needs of your family.

We invite you to contact us for more information about our free program by calling our Program Coordinator at 314-262-8521.

Beth Clay

PAT Coordinator

314-262-8521 x 6011

Annette Cook

Parent Educator

314-262-8521 x 6021

Brigid Reid

Parent Educator

314-262-8521 x 6054