COVID-19 Virtual Learning

The Brentwood Early Childhood staff misses our students so much! This video is a little hello from our staff.  Please let your child know how much we love and miss them!

Social Stories
Simple social stories can help your child understand all the changes related to COVID-19.
Time to Come in Bear Video
Coronavirus Is A Big Word
Wearing A Mask
Seeing Other People Wear A Mask
A Certain Kind of Sick
Hello Coronavirus!

See what our Students are doing for Virtual Learning
Journal 1
Journal 2
Journal 3
Journal 4
Journal 5
Journal 6
Journal 7
Journal 8

Ideas for Home
Ms. Jessica's amazing chicken video
Fun Activities for Children while Social Distancing
Hand Hygiene Coloring Pages
Indoor Games & Activities
Calming Exercises
Brain Break and Active Calming Ideas

Indoor Obstacle Course   To Do At Home  
                 Indoor Obstacle Course                               10 Activities To Do At Home      

Blanket Fort    Animal Dance and Freeze
                         Blanket Fort                                                    Animal Dance and Freeze

Wellness Letters
Wellness during COVID-19 from Nurse Elena
Wellness during COVID-19 from Nurse Emily
Nutrition Wellness---Healthy Nutrition Handout, Healthy Eating for Preschoolers, and Healthy Tips for Picky Eaters
Wellness during COVID-19 from Nurse Elena
Wellness during COVID-19 from Nurse Emily

Newsletters from our ECSE Nurse & BECC Nurses
Newsletter 1
Let's Talk About Washing Hands
Newsletter 2
Newsletter 3
Newsletter 4
Newsletter 5
Newsletter 6

Preschool Home Connection from ECSE Student Support Facilitator
Newsletter 4/1/2020
Newsletter 4/8/2020
Newsletter 4/15/2020
Newsletter 4/22/2020
Newsletter 4/29/2020
Newsletter 5/6/2020

Preschool Social Emotional Learning at Home Newsletter from ECSE Social Workers
Newsletter 4/1/2020
Newsletter 4/8/2020
Newsletter 4/15/2020
Newsletter 4/29/2020

ECSE Occupational Therapist Demonstrations
Vertical Waves
Rolling, Rolling, Rolling
Animal Walks
Swim and Dry
Buddy Ball Rolling

Parenting Courses
Free Love and Logic Parenting Classes
Beyond Consequences---free parenting webinars using code thistooshallpass

Counseling Resources
Lutheran Family Services is offering therapy through video or audio therapy.
Children's Service Coalition

Brentwood Student Food & Meals
Chartwells is providing meals to all children under 18 years old at Mark Twain Elementary weekdays from 12:00 - 1:00 PM. Click here for more information.

ALL OUR KIDS is a collaborative project to provide "Grab and Go" breakfast and lunch meals for students while schools are not in session. Check the ALL OUR KIDS website for locations and hours by clicking here.

Food Resources and Agencies