The Brentwood School District's Early Childhood Center provides a developmentally appropriate, constructivist program designed to meet the educational needs of young children from the age of two until they enter kindergarten. Our curriculum builds upon the interest of children. Topics for study emerge from teachers who are good at observing and listening to the child's interest and conversations. Activities and learning centers are designed around the child's interest, needs, abilities, and background knowledge that will put meaning and purpose into acquiring new skills. The curriculum contains many features advocated by the most recent research on young children, including real-life problem-solving among peers, with numerous opportunities for creative thinking and exploration.

The program offers the following unique opportunities:

  • Project Construct, an Early Childhood Curriculum endorsed by the Missouri Department of Education. Our curriculum is grounded in the Constructivist philosophy reflecting views of John Dewey, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky and Jerome Bruner, among others.
  • Goals are set according to the Missouri Pre-K standards and National Early Childhood Standards. These directly flow into the standards that are used by Missouri public schools to guide education from kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • Certified Early Education Teachers and low student/teacher ratio.
  • A new, state-of-the-art Early Childhood Center designed with children in mind.
  • Bright classrooms that support the imagination and creativity of each child.
  • Large, secured playground that meets safety standards.
  • Indoor multi-purpose room for gross motor play, music, and movement.
  • Project Room that is equipped with a grow lab for sensory play and experimentation.
  • Outdoor Children's Sensory Garden.
  • A full kitchen that allows for cooking exploration.
  • On-site nurse.
  • Early intervention services and resources offered in partnership with Special School District.
  • Parent library and informal consultation with Parents as Teachers Educators.