Our preschool curriculum is rooted in inquiry-based learning. Through a constructivist approach, we equip children to do more than memorize and repeat selected information. Offering open-ended experiences encourages critical thinking, which helps each child to discover and value his or her own abilities, experiences, and problem-solving skills. We want children`s ideas, drive, and appropriate behaviors to come from within rather than from an external source.

A center-based environment is the best way to encourage children to interact with materials and engage in conversations with teachers and peers about what they are discovering. We believe each child comes to us with knowledge, curiosity, and the desire to have positive social interactions.

Each day, children are developing skills needed for academic success. They are also acquiring pre-kindergarten skills in ways that are purposeful and meaningful to them. When children learn new skills in this manner, they are able to retain and transfer their knowledge to other areas. If children are forced to learn in a way that does not have purpose or meaning to them, the motivation to learn will diminish. We are constantly searching to find ways that motivate each individual to learn new skills. The Brentwood School District strives to promote a life-long love of learning. The foundation for that learning begins in early childhood.